Wildlife Notecards, four-pack

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Wildlife Notecards are offered with an assortment of Jim Wilson's Wildlife artwork. Each package contains four 5" x 7" cards with envelopes.

There are five assortments available with a different set of images:

Set One: Hummingbird with Hibiscus, Two Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, Hummingbird with Fuchsia, Eastern Bluebird

Set Two: Cat Eyes, Dragonflies, Great Blue Heron, Parrot Grouping

Set Three: Bulldog Puppy with Bluebird, Two Dogs and a Cat, Cats and Mice, Puppies and Kittens

Set Four: Horse Profile, Two Horses, Belgian Draft Horse, Horse in Pasture

Set Five: Giraffe Face, Baby Elephant, Elephant Profile, White Rhinoceros